Japanese Crane Trading Section
Ogawa Kenki Co;Ltd.
International trade is the oldest and most lucrative business ever known. In ancient times, merchants crossed the desert by camel to trade with their neighbors. Explorers, in search of new land, carried on trade missions to far off places. Cargo ships heavily laden with exotic goods crossed uncharted seas in search of new markets.
Ogawa Kenki Co;Ltd.
Japanese crane Trading Section

Established in 1973, Ogawa Kenki;Ltd.is today one of the largest crane companies in Japan, with a diverse crane range that includes rough terrain and all terrain cranes, truck cranes, truck loaders, aerial platforms and related products and equipment. Consistently in the forefront of crane technology

This Trading corner was detecated by the owner of the company Mr.Ogawa for Japanese crane seeker from all over the world.
Whether you are an crane distributor selling crane or a businessOwner purchasing crane we facilitate the transaction by Providing the capital necessary for today's larger equipment acquisitions..

If you are interested in purchasing a crane,
please Contact Mr.Eibo: eibo@ogawa-kenki.co.jp
Tel: 81-042-985-0901
Fax 81-042-985-3580